9u spring Roster

9u Red                                         9u Navy

Seamus Ballesteros                       Adrian Berry (Ady)
Aaron Clarke                               Keagan Green
Jordan Carlyle                              Landon Williams
Aidan Berry                                  Langston Blair
Carter Meadows                          Daniel Piho
Leighton Carpenter                     Miles Johnson
Freeman Hunt                             Tommy Gore
Isiah Williams                              Jack Moody
Burke Donovan                           Tate Stadler
Jacob Schindler                            William Brady
Jon Zengotitabengoa                    Alexander Ouzts

Head Coach: Antoine Williams

Assistant Coach: Jared Williams



Game days:
Sunday doubleheaders
Practice days: 
Wednesday - Indoor Facility (5pm-6:30pm)
Fridays - Powell Rec Center (6:30-8pm)

Our Uniform Policy:
PRACTICES – Please wear your practice issued jersey and team hat as well as baseball pants and cleats (indoor practices – same attire w/sneaker or turf shoes)
GAMES – Players need to wear their game issued jersey, team hat, and team belt with white baseball pants. If a player wears their socks at the knees, they must match the color of the socks with the jersey (red on red or navy on navy). Players must have a navy or red colored batting helmet with the Dynasty logo (you can pick up a logo from our facility, just ask)

**Players can purchase a helmet from DC Dynasty for $30 (Logo decal included w/jersey number)