11U Navy spring rOSTER

Charlie Searby
George Lee
Sam Pastreich
Sam Rosand
William Twomey
Duncan Stadler
Patrick Morelli
Quinn Lindblom
Brian Peguero
Steven Peguero
Christopher J. Sweeney Jr.

Head Coach: Ben Jardot

Assistant Coach: Willis Bradwell



Game day:
Sunday doubleheaders
Tuesday - Takoma #4 (6-7:30pm)
Wednesday - Indoor Facility (5:30pm-7pm)
Our Uniform Policy:
PRACTICES – Please wear your practice issued practice shirt, team hat, baseball pant w/belt, and cleats (indoor practices – same attire w/sneaker or turf shoes)
GAMES – Players need to wear their game issued jersey, team hat, and team belt with white baseball pants. If a player wears their socks at the knees, they must match the color of the socks with the jersey (red on red or navy on navy). Players must have a navy or red colored batting helmet with the Dynasty logo (you can pick up a logo from our facility, just ask)

**Players can purchase a helmet from DC Dynasty for $30 (Logo decal included w/jersey number)