Indoor HItting league

(15 Oglethorpe St. NW DC)


Our hitting league is a great way to transition from fall ball to winter camps. This will be a fun, interactive, and a competitive atmosphere to swing the bat. We all know success starts in the off-season, and this is a great way to keep up your skills and continue to work on the single most difficult thing to do in sports (hitting a baseball). More information below:


*3 divisions (10-12u, 13-14u, & HS)

*Register as a team or an individual (we will place you on a team by age)

*5 weeks, 8 regular season games and double elimination playoffs (November 23rd, 30th, December 7th, 14th, & 21st)

*Game times (12u – 10-11:30, 14u – 12-1:30, 18u – 2-3:30)

*Cost: $150 per player or FREE with 2015 winter camp registration



Each session will start out with a short hitting talk. We will cover technique, approach, and the mental aspect of hitting week to week. Players will be given a 15-minute warm-up period before all games. Teams will play (2) 5 inning games per session, and each game will be between 25-30 minutes in duration.  Every at bat is situational, so there will be a focus on situational hitting.  At the end of 4 weeks, all teams will be seeded and we will have a double elimination playoff in week 5.  Playoff winners will receive $300 dollars in cash per team!


Scoring & Innings (every player will bat every inning)

1st inning (bunt round) – 2 sacrifices, 2 bunt for hit, 1 squeeze

2nd inning (situational round) – 2 hit and run, 2 move runner, 1 infield in

3rd inning (line-drive round) – 5 swings

4th inning (stay up the middle round) – 5 swings

5th inning (hard contact round) – 5 swings


*Player scores 2 pts. for each properly executed swing or situation, and 3 pts. for all line drives between innings 3-5

*Team with the most pts. after each inning receives a run

*A tie score will be broken using line drive round by a single player from each team, 3 swings

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